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Learn The Perfecto PDO Threads® Techniques, PRP Plasma Fillers and Sculptra

Upcoming Training Dates 2022

August 26th and August 27th

October 21st and October 22nd

December 9th and December 10th

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A Quick Word From Our Founder Dr. Mercado

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand"


Learn The PDO Perfecto Italian Threads and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma


TrainNowMD is excited to bring you this highly specialized training! Our Course is intended for physicians and their medical staff.

We offer a hands-on, interactive 2-day course focusing on the "PDO Perfecto Italian Threads and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma."

The course is led by a team of board-certified medical experts in a friendly medical practice setting with actual patients.

Participants will have actual HANDS-ON interaction WITH REAL PATIENTS  throughout each day, performing all clinical aspects of the course. No cadavers and no Plastic Simulations. All participants must rotate for all modules regardless of specialty, as each lesson complements one another.


In addition to understanding how to prep patients and Perform the "PDO Perfecto Italian Threads and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma" Techniques, attendees will also learn critical business steps to successfully implement procedures into their clinical practice.



This course is designed to equip physicians, nurse practitioners, and their teams with:

The knowledge and functional skill to expertly perform the "PDO Perfecto Italian Threads and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma."

The steps and processes to successfully incorporate these non- to minimally invasive, cutting-edge techniques into their existing medical practice to expand the portfolio of services and boost revenue


Attendees will:

Receive a complimentary PDO Thread and PRP starter kit

Receive a diploma of completion

Be provided with all protocols, including:

Patient Selection

How to mark the patient 

Consent forms


Pre- and post-procedure instructions

Become part of our medical network to communicate, share cases, ask questions, conduct consultations, etc.

Have access to TrainNowMD’s Medical Director for consultations year-round.

You will be trained by the Inventor of the "Colombian Liposculpture® and Perfecto Threads."

Dr. Carlos Mercado MD

One-on-one courses are available for Colombian Liposculpture, Colombian Butt Lift, and Mercado's Super nano Fat Techniques.

TrainNowMD’s global network of medical professionals is continually updated with new members and information to keep everyone in the loop.

At TrainNowMD, our philosophy is to support physicians as much as possible each step of the way, at no additional expense. We will continue providing you with assistance long after you return home for as much time as you feel necessary.

Register NOW for one of our three available dates for this year and start generating more revenue for your practice in no time.

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