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The goal of this training is to give your the specific procedures to  implement regenerative medicine into your practice. These are PRP based therapies, however, this includes other methods. These are cutting edge procedures substantiated by research.

Regenerative medicine includes orthopedic and pain management, age management, cosmetic surgery and male and female sexual dysfunction. Regenerative Medicine is the future.

We train you how to use precise injections of the patient’s own PRPs and blood platelets, to help the the patient’s body’s heal damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal disc & bone.

We will also show you how to do it without expensive equipment so your set up time and cost are minimal. The course is really to give you access to cutting edge non-invasive medical techniques today. It is the practical application of future of medicine, which has been envisioned, researched and discussed, learn this on May 31-June 2nd, 2018.


I LOVE, and I mean I LOVE, getting up in the morning since I expanded my practice based on regenerative medicine. I spend my days doing meaningful work in a way I can see real improvements with patients that might not have such an option.

  • In-demand procedures to help patients
  • Supported by research
  • Difficult to implement into your practice? Nope. Not at all. I am here to help.
  • And here’s the best part. We can advise you how based on our experience.

My name is Doctor Carlos Mercado and I am here to teach you how to bring regenerative medicine step-by-step into your practice while earning CME credit.