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We’ve got a top notch team of Instructors

Carlos Mercado M.D

Regenerative Medicine and Cosmetic Services Instructor and Director

Recognized as one of the Best Doctors of America 2015 Doctor of The Year at Florida Hospital for 3 consecutive years Best Doctor in Central Florida ” Orlando Magazine 2010, 2011 Pioneer of Bioplasty technique for Fillers and Fat Transfers Pioneer of EternaMD Stem Cell procedures in both Cosmetic and Orthopedic procedures Inventor and Creator of the “e Procedure” for Erectile Dysfunction using PRPs derived from adipose tissue Inventor and Creator of the “Colombian Butt Lift” using Fat Transfer Chief Resident at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York.

Mara De La Vega

M.D.PRP and Facial Rejuvenation Instructor
As Medical Director of EternaMD, Dr. De La Vega is a respected speaker on several topics related to women’s health, including menopause, body image, proper diets, and cellulite management. She frequently holds seminars on preventive medicine for pre-menopausal and menopausal women with special interests in bio-identical hormone replacement for her female patients. Dr. Mara De La Vega underwent extensive training in Anti-aging in Paris, France. Dr. De La Vega has dedicated part of her career studying the application of PRPs to cosmetic procedures. She has been one of the pioneers on subcutaneous application of PRPs for real rejuvenation and Co Inventor of the V s and partner of EternaMD Medical Rejuvenation Center. Dr. De La Vega has been elected as present Medical Director of our onsite PRP laboratory.

Dr Tilman Stasch

Plastic Surgeon from Germany
Fellow of the European Board of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery ( FEBOPRAS)

AREA OF TEACHING: FATGRAFTING for Chronic Wounds- Inventor of the “DEALT-Method”

Publication: Debridment and Autologous Lipotransfer for Chronic Ulceration of the Diabetic Foot and Lower Limb,, Vol 136 Number 6, December 2015

Dr. Tilman Stasch publication

Dr. Tilman Stasch is a qualified Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Aesthetic Surgeon with over 15 years of international experience. He completed his medical degree at the University of Cape Town Medical School (MBChB) in South Africa. He then qualified as a surgeon at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (MRCS Ed.) and specialized further as a Plastic Surgeon in Edinburgh, Norwich and Germany (Facharzt). At the University of Cologne he achieved the highest honors for his MD thesis (summa cum laude) on a topic concerning wound healing. He also holds a specialist certificate in medical laser treatments and hand surgery.
Dr. Stasch now works as a Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Aesthetic Surgeon in Nairobi, Kenya (Aga Khan University Hospital and Valentis Clinic) with a special interest in fat grafting / lipotransfer for breast reconstruction, breast enhancement, facial contouring and rejuvenation, and healing chronic wounds. As a pioneer for fat grafting and PRPs on wound healing, he was first to publish his “DEALT-Method” of helping diabetic wounds on the lower extremity in PRS Journal in Dec 2015.

 Dr. Oscar Fontalvo

World renown specialist and educator in cosmetic procedures

  • Surgeon, University of Cartagena
  • Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Master in Plastic Surgery U.C.A.
  • Graduate Head Plastic Surgery Universidad del Sinú
  • 20 Years of Experience
  • International Lecturer
  • 15,200 Cosmetics and reconstructive Surgeries
  • Author of personal techniques in breast surgeries and abdominoplasty
  • Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Member of the SCCCP National Teachers’ Council

Brian Browning

DONeuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Orthopedic Instructor
FP/NMM Attending at Florida Hospital East Orlando: Run hospital’s Osteopathic consultation teaching rounds to rotating students, interns and residents; teach hands-on Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment in clinic and hospital settings. – NSU-COM Fellowship in Osteopathic Principles and Practice: large and small class settings, individual teaching, as well as table training, and teaching labs. Created curriculum for first and second year NSUCOM students. – Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Course 2010: Orlando, FL – AAO sponsored CME course. “Quick Osteopathic Techniques for the Office.” Disney’s Contemporary Resort May 21-23, 2010. (15 AOA category 1-A hours). Co-lectured several office based OMM techniques with billing and coding information in a case-style format. – AOAPIPM – Prolotherapy Spring Seminar. Guest speaker. “The Knee.” Naples, FL. April 7-10, 2011. – OMED – Prolotherapy Fall Seminar, Guest Speaker. “Intro to Prolotherapy.” Orlando,


Joseph Krieger 

Ph’D Moderator of Hands on Course

As Moderator and President of Boston Bio Life (BBL) , Joseph Krieger fundamental mission is to provide a bridge between emerging technologies in a laboratory setting and the physicians and clinics who provide ultimate access to patients most in need.

Having been involved in the healthcare and life sciences industry for over 25 years, Joseph Krieger and his management team believes that there are amazing life-altering technologies currently being developed right here in the US, that will greatly benefit from the various resources we offer.

By creating awareness and support for cutting edge technologies and through the leveraging of strategic resources, Joe has been able to help others facilitate the integration of the Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell therapy technologies into everyday medical practice.

Gordon J. Crozier

DO Integrative and Genetic Based Medicine Instructor
Dr. Crozier is recognized as a leader in the research and application of integrative medicine. He is also in the process of completing his Stem Cell Fellowship after several years of intensive study and training. Patients from around the world seek his medical advice and treatments for conditions and disorders including tick-borne diseases, chronic fatigue, parasitic infections, mold and other toxicities, and more recently autism and ADD-ADHD.

Luis Martinez 

M.D.Regenerative and Cell Therapy Instructor
Dr. Luis Martínez is a Regenerative and Cell therapy specialist and President and CEO of Regenera Global, a multinational company that researches, develops, and markets novel Biological and Pharmaceutical products in the field of Regenerative Medicine. He serves on the Executive Board of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. He is also the President of the Latin American Society of Regenerative Medicine, a multispecialty society that promotes the highest standards in education and research in Regenerative Medicine and heads their Master’s Diploma Program in Regenerative Medicine.