Liposuction Fat transfers 101

What is exactly liposuction fat transfers? Liposuction fat transfer is the process of removing fat from unwanted areas and transferring the fat to areas that could use it to mold and shape your body. Liposuction Fat transfers are perfect for anyone wanting to get rid of fat in a certain area and add shaping and definition to other areas. We can transfer fat not only to areas such as the buttocks to give you a round curvy behind; but it is also the perfect opportunity for those wanting a fuller face due to sunken in cheek bones or creases. Fat transfer can also be used for those with bodily scars. All in all, fat transfers are perfect for those who want a rejuvenated look and want to feel their best most confident self. At Eterna M.D our doctor Carlos Eduardo Mercado is certified in the liposuction procedure and will leave you flawless and feeling like the best version of yourself. Our doctor makes sure the patient is properly cared for and the results speak for themselves.