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Train Now MD


We are dedicated to providing you with the latest regenerative clinical practices

Hands on continuing medical education focused on regenerative medicine, that will allow you to incorporate new skills to improves medical care for your patients.

The purpose of our training is twofold

Hands-on training

Kinesthetic learning combined with theoretical understanding

Real patients and step by step processes is the great classroom in the world.

You learn by doing. A team of instructors will guild you step by step to so you have not only the theoretical understanding of procedures, but you will confidently and safely learn by doing.

Hands On Training Benefits:

Who Gets Certified: MD, DO

  1. Certificate of Completion
  2. 20 Continuing Education Hours
  3. Agenda and Notebook for training
  4. Listing on the e directory and V s directory at no cost
  5. Breakfast at the hotel, Lunch, Dinner provided
  6. One on One speaking with Dr. Mercado to ask questions about treatment processes and procedures
  7. Learn the latest in product and services to help reduce internal cost associated with Regen, Cosmetics, and Age Management
  8. Ability to order products from attending vendors and schedule for future conferences at a discount
  9. Tour of practice facility
  10. Access to Targeted Marketing Program Discounts
  11. Discounts on the purchase of products and supplies
  12. Direct Help from Dr. Mercado on first few new patient procedures using his protocols and methods either Live feed skype or On-Site with patients
  13. Social Media Announcement of attendance and training via social media sites e, Carlos Mercado, Stem Cells MD, Dr. DoubleChin as well as Aesthetic Everything
  14. Satisfaction that you have cutting-edge skills to help more patients
  • Cutting edge regenerative techniques

  • Post training support

  • You learn by doing

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